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CE121 Geonet

Geonet is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plus UV-resistant additives and has anti-aging properties,corrosion resistance and other characteristics.


Product Description

Geonet is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plus UV-resistant additives and has anti-aging properties,corrosion resistance and other characteristics. The use of roads and railway subgrades can effectively distribute loads, improve the bearing capacity and stability of the foundation, and extend the life. Laying on the slope of the road can prevent landslides, protect water and soil, and beautify the environment. The reservoir and river dam protection laying can effectively prevent landslides; in coastal engineering, it is characterized by its good flexibility and good permeability to buffer the impact energy of the waves.


Specification for CE131 Geonet

(1)Width: 2.5m

(2) Length: 30m or at your request

(3)Color: black , green


(1).Using the geonet on the roadbed of the roadway and railway can distribute the load effectively, improve the loading capacity and the stability of the roadway, and prolong its service life.

(2).Spreading the geonet in the dyke protection in the reservoir and the river can protect it from the landslide.

(3).And with the features of good flexibility and strong erosion resistance, using it in the coast engineering can amortize the concussion and the erosion of the surf.


(4). Aging resistance,Erosion resistance ,Good Flexibility.


Geonets are mainly used in soft foundation treatment, roadbed reinforcement, slope protection, abutment reinforcement, coastal slope protection, and reservoir bottom reinforcement. Laying a geonet on the slope of the road can prevent the rock from falling off and avoid harm to people or vehicles. It can prevent the loss of road slag and the deformation of the roadbed by using the geonet to wrap the road slag, and improve the stability of the roadbed. To prevent the development of reflective cracks; geogrid as a reinforced material in retaining wall filling, can disperse soil stress, limit lateral displacement, enhance stability; use geonet to make gabion for dam, rock surface Protection against erosion, landslides, and soil erosion.

Used for roadbed reinforcement, the granular filler and the mesh are interlocked together to form a stable plane, prevent the filler from sagging, and can disperse the vertical load; the geographically harsh area can be multi-layered.

1. Prevent roadbed cracks and avoid landslides.

2. Enhance the foundation, the slope of the dam, improve the stability of the roadbed, and reduce the floor space;

3, can withstand heavy loads;

4. Shorten the construction period of the project; the performance parameters of the geonet

It can also be constructed under harsh environmental conditions.

Geonet is used for road surface reinforcement, so that the grid and pavement materials are merged together, there may be geonet Effectively distributes the load and prevents cracks on the road surface.

1. Enhance road stability and prevent cracks;

2, can withstand large variable loads;

3. It can prevent pavement cracks caused by tumbling;


4. It can reduce the amount of pavement materials and speed up the construction.