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PET filament spunbond needle punched geotextile bags

Eco-bag is an eco-synthetic material with high resistance to ultraviolet radiation, freeze-thaw, acid and alkali. It has high resistance to ultraviolet radiation, acid and alkali, corrosion, freeze-thaw and non-degradation. It is mainly used to construct flexible ecological slope. Eco-bag has anti-humidity, non-water absorption, water will not destroy the bag, the bag will not be deformed, insoluble in contaminated liquids, is a good tool for ecological protection, very practical.


Performance characteristics:




1. Moisture resistance
Eco-bag raw materials do not absorb water, water will not destroy the bag when it appears, and the bag will not be deformed, insoluble in contaminated liquids.
2. Chemical Corrosion Resistance (PH)
Extensive studies and tests have shown that ecological bags have strong resistance to certain concentrations of acid-base chemicals and can be used in most solid and seriously polluted sites.
3. Resistance to biodegradation and animal damage
Eco-bags are made of special formula materials, which do not support, absorb, help fungi grow, rot, mold and deteriorate. Eco-bags will not be digested by insects and related animals. They will not become food for gnawing animals (rats), termites, borers, beetles, silverfish moths, etc.
4. Purple Resistant Polymers
Eco-bags can withstand high temperatures without melting, and can withstand the lowest temperature of - 40 degrees Celsius.
5. Anti-ultraviolet (UV)
Eco-bag contains carbon ink and other anti-UV ingredients.
6. Here the equivalent aperture is used to prove that: 
(1) too large aperture (bag body, too thin material)
(2) too small aperture (too thick bag material)
A. It will hinder the formation of vegetation growth and root extension, and seriously affect the structural stability of flexible slope.
C. Increasing the hydrostatic pressure of the slope will cause the slope to collapse.





Ecological Restoration
1. Both sides of the river: the natural coastal environment where human beings and wildlife coexist
2. Re-greening of mines: comprehensive utilization of gangue, scientific regulation of subsidence areas, greening barren hills, purifying water and gas, creating a new era of mine ecological restoration and re-greening of barren hills.
3. Coastal lake, Surface Landslide control, culvert, drainage ditch, soil erosion, irrigation system, etc.
4. Constructed wetlands: ecological restoration
5. roof greening




Infrastructure Construction
1. Road slope protection: railway and highway slope protection, suitable for excavation slope and filling slope.
2. River and lake slope protection: suitable for river, lake and reservoir slope.
3. Special Applications: Military Facilities and Flood Control Emergency Response, Bunker, Flood Control Dam, etc.

Landscaping and Housing
1. Vertical greening and garden art;
2. Commercial residential quarter;
3. Roof garden greening.


Product Specification:

800mm*400mm/810mm*430mm/810mm*450mm(Customizable size)
Cloth weight range: a wide range, common 110 g, 125 g,135g, 150 g, etc.
Tensile Strength of Cloth: > 4.5kN/m
Fracture elongation of fabric: > 40%
Formula for calculating the volume of eco-bagged soil after moulding:
Length = length of ecological bag - (12-15) cm,
Width = width of ecological bags*0.7
Height = height of ecological bag*0.4
Examples: bags with 810 mm * 430 mm external diameter, about 65 cm in length, 30 cm in width and 15 cm in height after filling. The maximum allowable deviation is 2%.