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PP weed barrier woven geotextile

Product Description:

Plastic weed mat maintain a higher soil temperature for earlier cropping, allowing roots to breathe and moisture and nutrients to permeate without excessive puddling, minimising the risk of disease and rot in crops. If high water permeability is a requirement, consider our woven weed control fabrics. Woven Weed mat gives excellent weed suppression, reduces maintenance, lasts longer and improves profits. 

Application Range:

Schiebel good quality weed mat is your good choice for agricultural and garden anti grass used.

1. this weed mat prevent weeds growing and against the insect invasion the roots of plants,good equipment for good harvest
2. anti weed fabric has high tensilie strength, good maintain sufficient strength and elongation both in dry and wet conditions
3. soil control weed barrier fabric cloth,corrosion resistance, fit to different PH of the soil and water, anti acid and alkali,long durable for agriculture and horticulture and orchardand landscape
4. control weed mat has high air and water permeability help crops growth, controlling soil humidity and temperature
5. anti grass fabric cloth breaking strength is high, can reach around 20KN/m
6. weed prevent mat fabric mesh is eco-friendly, quality lightweight for easy handling
7.UV treated ,the life expectancy is 2-5 years based on the gram


Stops weeds
Allows air, water, and nutrients to pass through
Superior light blocking
Conserves soil moisture
Easy to install
Environmentally safe
Striped for easy plant alignment
Great for permanent landscapes


Gram Weight: 70gsm to 200gsm,90gsm and 100gsm is more popular.
Size: Width from 40cm to 6m,length 50m 100m or as custom request.
Color: Black,green or as custom request.

Application Field: