What factors determine the Geocell's price?

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1, Height


2, Welding distance


3, Seam peel strength


4, Thickness



Now, let me introduce each index for you in detail.


1, Height:


Generally, for our HF Geocell, the regular height is 50mm,75mm, 100mm,150mm,200mm and 250mm.


So for Geocell, the higher the height, the higher the price.


2, Welding distance:


Our HF Geocell welding distance can be produced from 330mm to 1000mm, and the most regular types are 330mm, 356mm, 400mm, 445mm, 500mm, 600mm, 712mm.


The longer on welding distance, the larger on expanded cell size, so the less raw materials needed and the lower the price.


3, Seam peel strength


Generally, we have 100N/cm, this type is our National standard. And also have 142N/cm, this type is ASTM standard. The higher the strength, the better the raw material, the higher the price.


4, Thickness


For smooth surface, we have 1.1mm, 1.2mm. For textured surface, we have 1.5-1.7mm. The thicker the thickness, the more raw materials are needed and the higher the price.


Ok, now have you understand better for Geocell? Please let Claire know if you have any further questions?



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