Brief analysis of technical advantages of geotechnical bag products

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(1) The filter bag volume of geotechnical pipe bags can be adjusted arbitrarily with large scope and flexible engineering handling capacity.

(2) There is no need for input of dehydration machinery and equipment, no need for power configuration and no need for movement.

(3) The filter bag system has the advantages of small investment, few manpower and simple operation.

(4) The filter bags of geotechnical pipe bags can be placed at any suitable place by the river and lake, and the drainage is clear and can flow directly into the river and lake.

(5) The filter bags can be placed at multiple points according to the operation of the dredger, which is suitable for in-situ dewatering of the sludge.



(6) The sludge is closed in the dewatering process, which can avoid secondary pollution.

(7) The water content of the silt in the geotechnical bag can be adjusted according to the filling times, pressure and idle time of the bag.

(8) Using special filter cloth, it has good filtering performance, high strength and is not easy to aging.

(9) Geotechnical bags can adjust the formulation of chemicals according to the condition of sludge, so that the sludge can be treated harmlessly.

(10) The sludge after dewatering treatment can be used as slope protection soil or agricultural and greening soil for rivers and lakes.

(11) Geotechnical bags have the advantages of low investment, low operation cost and short construction period.

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