Calculation and application method of ecological bag engineering

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About several ecological bags are used per square meter in the project, which can be calculated according to the volume of the bag filled with soil or filled with a mixture of soil and nutrients. The formula is:

The original length of ecological bag was (12-15)cm. Width x 0.7; Height by 0.4.

The standard ecological bag size example is: the outer diameter of the bag is 810mm*430mm, the length is about 65cm, the width is 30cm, and the height is 15cm.

Specifications of ecological bag and molding specifications after filling soil can be designed according to actual requirements. A large deviation of 2% is allowed.

So the conventional ecological bag tiling 1 square meter with 4-5, softball to more than 10.

Therefore, measure the size of the eco-bag you need to buy before you buy it. Calculate the quantity of use reasonably and calculate the cost comprehensively.


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