Why do engineering anti-seepage prefer geomembrane?

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As a new type of anti-seepage material, geomembrane has been applied more and more to a large number of domestic projects. Commonly used projects: landfills, sewage treatment plants, canal seepage prevention, reservoir seepage prevention, chemical plants, oil refineries, Oil tank anti-seepage, oil tank anti-seepage and many other fields. Why do so many areas choose geomembrane as a barrier material?

1. Geomembrane cost-effective. Compared with other anti-seepage materials, the cost of geomembrane is relatively low, about 2-12 yuan per square meter, which is equivalent to 20-30% of the cost of other anti-seepage materials. For some small aquaculture enterprises, Can afford, buy, for large engineering companies, bulk purchases, more favorable.

2. The geomembrane has a long service life. The geomembrane is stable in nature, high-quality geomembrane, long service life of 20-50 years, a large number of engineering anti-seepage treatment, reducing the investment cost of the enterprise, better anti-seepage effect, more customer recognition.

3. geomembrane anti-seepage and drainage in one. Geomembrane is mainly used for anti-seepage treatment. At the same time, geomembrane is used as high-quality anti-seepage material, which can.


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