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    Dezhou Xibei Geo-Materials Co., Ltd.,was a trading company with its own factory. Specializing in the development, quality control and sales of geosynthetics materials. Factory has a variety of quality test equipment, also passed ISO 9001 system certification, effectively ensure many large project supply plan.
    The main products including ----Geotube, Concrete Soft Mattress, Geo-sandbags, geocell, Geotextile, Composites geomembrane, Bentonite Geosynthetic Clay Liners (GCL), Slope protect geobag.
    Product application field-----Water conservancy slope protect project, Sewage treatment projects,Environmental engineering, Large-scale infrastructure projects and so on.
    Company "make customers' engineering better" for the purpose, surviving with high quality, developing with credibility. Products exported to Russia, the United States, Hong Kong, Australia, Georgia,Thailand and so on.
    After years of engineering use to proof, "Xibei" product quality is stable and reliable, reasonable price, convenient construction, good sales service, worthy of customer trust and choice!
  •    In 2015, Sibe Eco-Green Flexible Construction Technology was authorized by British Sibe Eco-Bag Co., Ltd. to introduce into China, using degradable natural environmental protection materials and plants to replace high energy-consuming steel, stone, concrete and other hard materials to build a permanent and stable ecological green structure.

       Based on the flexible slope construction technology used by many European and American countries for more than ten years, Dezhou Xibei New Materials Co., Ltd. utilizes the production experience of geotechnical materials for more than ten years, and understands the different geographical environments in various parts of China.

        It has professionals to innovatively design and produce eco-bag products with different performances and models for customers, so as to ensure the stability of Engineering structure. Soil and water conservation and ecological greening are completed at one time.

       Three-dimensional drainage flexible ecological slope engineering system is provided in river and lake erosion control, slope restoration, bank protection and soil and water conservation collar. After construction, the slope has vegetable-covered surface to achieve greening effect. The eco-bag wall has the filtering function of permeable and impermeable soil.

       It has strong protection and stabilization effect on soil loss, local mud (soil) rock flow, slope collapse and so on. It can become a permanent high-stability natural slope. 

       Since its establishment, the company has been committed to product innovation and the introduction of high-tech, and adheres to the road of independent innovation, with a complete and scientific quality management system. It is an advocate of new technology of slope construction, which integrates ecology, environmental protection, energy saving and flexible structure. 

        Dezhou Xibei New Materials Co., Ltd. is recognized by the industry for its integrity, strength and product quality. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and negotiate business.

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